A downloadable game for Windows and Android

bosky is a relaxing PC & Mobile game where the player creates miniature forests in a personal plant pot. 

from a bird’s eye view, plant lush and adorable environments, style them with decorations, help your forest spirits, and grow your own tiny worlds.

bosky is made by a team of second year students at AIE Canberra & CIT:
   Alexander Murphy - art (artstation)
   Erin Biskup - art (@erin_biskup, artstation)
   Sie McEachern - art (@sie mceachern, artstation)
   Idris Hunt - design, programming (@drishunt, idrishunt.com)
   Pip Jadric - programming (@DENoofa, denoofa.com)
   Diego Aparicio - sound
   Jack Rankin - sound


bosky - windows 66 MB
bosky - android 310 MB

Install instructions

windows - download and unzip the folder, then run the executable

android - download and run the apk


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